Click here to access the 2016 ArtScience Innovation Workshop Pre-Arrival Guide.  The guide, which will be available in printed form upon check-in at the Lab, contains the schedule, brief orientation materials, food and entertainment recommendations, and more!



Arrival: On or before 4:00pm EST Sunday 24 July
Initial Lab Check-In:  Anytime between 4-5pm Sunday 24 July
Public Presentations: Beginning 5pm Friday 29 July
Departure: On or after Saturday 30 July



We've compiled a list of Greater Boston area hotels, and it's available here in editable Excel form and here in better looking PDF form.  Virtually every cost-efficient hotel will require some measure of commute, so it is highly recommended that attending sites take the time to map out this aspect of their experience as early as possible.  While the attached list should be helpful, there are certainly other options that may suit site needs ––, for example, assuming that this more formal arrangement is appropriate for the age, gender, and other factors of traveling party.  Sites that are driving to the workshop might also find hotels inaccessible by the T for significantly less cost.



Le Laboratoire Cambridge
650 East Kendall Street
Cambridge, MA


Cabs & Lyfts can be called from virtually anywhere in the area.
Lyft is a private car service that uses a smartphone app to connect you with a driver in minutes, and is typically faster and cheaper than cabs.
If Lyft isn't for you, Boston Cab is an app that connects users to Boston taxi drivers.

Subway & bus system is called "The T" by locals (short for MBTA) and has an extensive website.

T Hours:
The T generally runs from 5:30AM until midnight, but it is best to check their schedule, as it varies per line.

Traveling from Logan Airport to the Lab/ hotels:
The T runs from the airport to every major destination in Greater Boston area, and sites can calculate the cost here.  Cost of a standard taxi or Uber will be roughly $20-$60, depending on location and time of arrival, but your traveling party will likely be too large for a standard car, so it may be best to pre-arrange a service to and fro the airport if this is your preferred method of travel.

To buy a T ticket, you can use your credit/debit cards at one of the booths or automated machines.

Directions to the Lab from Kendall Square T stop:
The Lab is about a 5 minute walk from the Kendall Square T train stop on the Red Line.  From the Kendall Square T train stop, follow Third Street to Athenaeum and turn right.  Notable by the Cafe ArtScience facade, the Lab is located just past an outdoor plaza that features a number of picnic tables. 


Sunday evening through Friday afternoon: Casual. Dress comfortably.
Friday night (Public presentations): Semi-formal attire. 
Bring walking shoes!

Coffee and a TBD light continental breakfast will be provided in the morning, with catered lunch at the Lab Monday through Friday. Food and beverages will be provided at the Friday night reception.

There’s a saying in New England that goes like this:  If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.  It’s very likely that the weather will be warm-to-blazing hot – from 70-98 degrees F / 21-37 degrees C – with rain at times, but even tomorrow’s forecast is difficult to gauge.

Many visitors and new residents struggle with overpowering allergies upon arrival in the Greater Boston area.  It is recommended that attendees with even mild environmental allergies take precautions.

Bring a Laptop:
For user comfort and efficiency, each participant is encouraged to bring a laptop with them for the trip.  If this is not possible, it is crucial that at least one laptop per team is brought to the Lab.  We recommend that international visitorsbring plug adapters and (if applicable) voltage converters, as the Lab will not have these available.

Evenings & Weekends:
Click here to access an interactive map containing a number of recommendations for weekend and evening downtime, including an interactive map containing eateries and activities.